Chris Evans Talks The End Of His Marvel Contract

When Robert Downey Jr. was nearing the end of Iron Man 3 there was a panic among the fanboy community. If his contact ends, what happens next? Well, as we've seen he's stuck around just fine and will be in both of the upcoming Avengers movies. But that question still hangs around other popular Marvel stars, including Chris Evans who has often expressed a desire to get away and do some more directing.

It's no secret Evans' contact ends after the Avengers: Infinity War two-parter, but speaking with GT Times (via Nerd Reactor) he doesn't sound like he's going anywhere.

“I think it’s almost like high school. You’re kind of always looking ahead, about when you’ll graduate, but then when graduation day arrives you kind of don’t want to leave. I AM gonna try and focus on directing a bit more, but by no means am I done acting. And if they’d have me back, yeah, I’d probably consider it.”

Evans promised to take a break from acting a few years ago in order to focus on his directing career, and the result was the indie romance, Before We Go, which nobody saw. That's been a major source of frustration for him as every personal project he undertakes is overshadowed by his Marvel stuff. Gee, I think Ben Affleck can relate. You guys should have lunch. But Evans isn't an idiot, either. He may want to focus on other stuff, but Marvel pays the bills. I doubt he'll go anywhere when all is said and done.

Here's hoping the press tour for Evans' latest film, the Marc Webb-directed drama Gifted, doesn't get swamped by Captain America questions. He's really good and it deserves attention to itself.