Brie Larson To Play First Female Presidential Candidate In Amazon's 'Victoria Woodhull'

We were this close to having our first female President of the United States, but a whirlwind of factors got in the way of that. Still, we've never come this far before, and women have never been more of a political force than they are right now, and that makes this a pretty good time for a film on the first woman to ever run for the office, Victoria Woodhull, with Oscar winner Brie Larson set to play her.

Larson will star in Amazon Studios' biopic, Victoria Woodhull, based on the life of the activist and suffragette. Woodhull earned the nomination in 1872 which is amazing considering women wouldn't even earn the right to vote until four decades later. There are some questions about the legality of her run since she was under the age of 35, but her candidacy was covered as a serious one. Woodhull was also a fierce advocate labor reform and women's rights, and the right to love freely without government interference. All of these issues remain hot button topics to this very day.

No word on a director but Larson will also produce, with Ben Kopit writing the script. You can bet Amazon is going to put a lot of high-powered talent around this one as it seems like a potential awards season contender. [Deadline]