Box Office: 'Logan' Shreds March Records With $85M Debut

1. Logan (review)- $85.3M
There was never any doubt what the #1 movie would be this weekend. The only question was how high would the Logan debut be? Hugh Jackman's final time popping claw opened as strong as most of us thought, with $85M, the biggest March R-rated opening ever.  It's also the fifth best R-rated debut ever, and obviously the best of the Wolverine franchise. What may be most interesting about this is where 20th Century Fox goes from here. This being Jackman's swan song they'll be wanting to find a replacement at some point, but that'll be tough because he's left such an indelible mark as Wolverine. Setting the story so far into the future has implications, as well, because the current X-Men movies are set roughly 20-30 years earlier meaning continuity would be tough. They could always offer Jackman a ton of cash to return as the modern version of the character, but it's hard to know if he would accept. And what about the breakout star of Logan, Dafne Keen as X-23? How do they move forward with her? Another movie set in the future? Or somehow bring her into the present? Lots of questions that need answers, however they can wait a few more weeks.
2. Get Out- $26.5M/$75.9M
Even with Logan doing a ton of damage this weekend, Jordan Peele's hit "social thriller" Get Out held on to most of its audience. Falling only 22%, the acclaimed film earned $26.5M and has $75M total, almost entirely on positive word of mouth.
3. The Shack- $16M
Lionsgate's faith-based drama The Shack, which features Hidden Figures' Octavia Spencer as God, must've had its prayers answered. The film's $16M opening will seem surprising to some people but it's another show of strength from this particular audience who are looking for wholesome, Christian entertainment.  This is a first for this particular studio, though, outside of the Tyler Perry movies, but I expect we'll be seeing a lot more from them now.
4. The LEGO Batman Movie- $11.6M/$148.5M
5. Before I Fall (review)- $4.9M
Sadly, Zoey Deutch's teen drama Before I Fall failed to stand up, earning just $4.9M. The film is directed by indie filmmaker Ry Russo-Young in a slight career shift for her, taking on the story of a popular high schooler who is forced to relive the day of her death Groundhog Day-style. The film has received good reviews overall and may find an audience on home release, or at least I hope it does as Deutch is too talented to have so many flops on her resume already. The plus side is it only cost $5M so there won't be any loss here. It was always going to be tough because the counterprogramming to Logan this week isn't so obvious. There are just too many options still out there.
6. John Wick: Chapter Two- $4.7M/$82.8M
7. Hidden Figures- $3.8M/$158.7M
8. The Great Wall- $3.5M/$41.2M
9. Fifty Shades Darker- $3.4M/$109.9M
10. La La Land- $2.9M/$145.6M

Meanwhile, Best Picture winner Moonlight took advantage of the Oscar bounce with $2.5M for $25M overall. Barry Jenkins' acclaimed drama was among the lowest-grossing Best Picture winners ever, which is a damn crime, but the expansion to over 1500 theaters should help change that.

And everyone apparently RSVP'ed "No" to Table 19 (review), the Anna Kendrick/Craig Robinson/Lisa Kudrow wedding comedy that only opened with $1.5M. Then again it had under 900 theaters to work from, but that just goes to show there wasn't any interest to begin with.