Box Office: 'Kong: Skull Island' Goes Ape With $142M Worldwide

1. Kong: Skull Island (review)- $61M
He's not just king of the apes, he's now king of the box office. Kong: Skull Island walloped Logan's second weekend with $61M, to go along with $142M worldwide. Kong knocked a sizable dent in its $185M budget, and powered by strong reviews (I loved it!) it should continue to do well for a while. The international flavor of the cast (the presence of The Great Wall's Jing Tian should not be overlooked) will be a big boost overseas, while Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and the ever reliable Samuel L. Jackson should carry it domestically. While it doesn't quite measure up to Godzilla's $93M debut in 2014, this still bodes well for when these two monster titans collide with Godzilla vs. Kong in 2020.
2. Logan- $37.8M/$152.6M
Logan couldn't dig its claws deep enough to retain the top spot, but it still had a solid second weekend with $37M, which is a 57% drop and par for the course. Already it has surpassed the $132M domestic total of The Wolverine, and with $438M worldwide it has beaten its predecessor's $414M total. That's a pretty good two weeks of work there, Wolvie.
3. Get Out- $21M/$111M
Jordan Peele's Get Out remains the year's biggest hit in terms of sheer profit, and a true cultural phenomenon, I think. The $5M "social thriller" earned $21M in its third weekend which is insane. If it had opened with that nobody at Blumhouse would have complained.
4. The Shack- $10M/$32.2M
5. The LEGO Batman Movie- $7.8M/$159M
6. Before I Fall- $3.1M/$9M
I'd like to see a bigger number for Before I Fall, but at least the $5M teen drama has managed $9M so far. It may be one of those movies that does better on home release because it is quite good, and the reviews have been solid. I just think the entire genre has fallen off of a cliff.
7. Hidden Figures- $2.76M/$162.8M
8. John Wick: Chapter Two- $2.7M/$87.4M
9. La La Land- $1.7M/$148.4M
10. Fifty Shades Darker- $1.6M/$112.9M