Box Office: 'Beauty & The Beast' Rules Again, But 'Power Rangers' Shows Its Might

1. Beauty and the Beast- $88.3M/$316.9M
With a number of high-profile new releases, there might have been some thought Disney's Beauty and the Beast would falter, but not so. The live-action remake decided to be its own guest at the top of the charts with an amazing $88M, bringing its domestic total to $316M and worldwide haul to $690M.  There's a chance the next couple of weeks of family-friendly offerings will take a toll, but the sky is the limit right now, and may be why Disney is looking for ways to extend the brand.
2. Power Rangers (review)- $40.5M
It was tough to gauge just how much genuine excitement there was for the rebooted Power Rangers, but apparently there was enough for a $40.5M opening weekend, and $59M worldwide. The film, which brings a darker, coming-of-age vibe to the campy TV series, got the $110M production off to a strong start, especially when you consider there are no big names involved. Elizabeth Banks or Bryan Cranston are the most recognizable, and their roles are secondary. Whether this turns into the 6-movie franchise Saban and Lionsgate are eager for will depend on how it does in the coming weeks against some stiff competition.
3. Kong: Skull Island- $14.4M/$133.5M
4. Life (review)- $12.6M
Ironically, the star-powered sci-fi film Life couldn't find any at the box office. The $58M alien horror, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds, opened with just $12M. It'll have to hope for a big response overseas to break even. I'm actually surprised Sony didn't make more of the reunion between Reynolds and Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. It couldn't have hurt, right?
5. Logan- $10.1M/$201.4M
6. Get Out- $8.6M/$147.4M
7. CHIPS (review)- $7.6M
Anybody could have told you CHIPS was going to be a disaster. The '70s/'80s cop show it's based on is no 21 Jump Street; Dax Shepard starring and directing is quite inexplicable; and every single piece of footage looked awful. That $7.6M opening won't crack a dent in the $25M budget since nobody is going to flock to CHIPS next week, or the week after. It'll be in the process of hitting the DVD bin after that, which is where Warner Bros. will have to hope to make up the difference.
8. The Shack- $3.7M/$49M
9. The LEGO Batman Movie- $1.9M/$170.8M
10. The Belko Experiment- $1.8M/$7.5M