Box Office: 'Beauty And The Beast' Roars With $350M Worldwide

1. Beauty and the Beast (review)- $170M
Further proving that Disney's grip extends far beyond Star Wars and Marvel, their live-action Beauty and the Beast killed it this weekend with a $170M domestic debut, to go along with $180M overseas for $350M overall. The domestic haul is a March record, and a bigger debut than all of Emma Watson's Harry Potter movies which is pretty amazing when you consider 'Deathly Hallows' was busting records left and right. Disney pushed this one the right way, by not trying to reinvent the wheel. They promoted it as simply a live-action version of the movie millions already love, and obviously that had a lot of appeal.
2. Kong: Skull Island- $28.8M/$110.1M
Kong got wacked in its second weekend, falling 52% but still managing a decent $28.8M. Worldwide the film has scored $259M.
3. Logan- $17.5M/$184M
4. Get Out- $13.2M/$133.1M
5. The Shack- $6.1M/$42.6M
6. The LEGO Batman Movie- $4.7M/$167.4M
7. The Belko Experiment (review)- $4M
Slashing its way to a strong debut was the James Gunn-penned/Greg McLean-directed horror riff, The Belko Experiment, about company employees who are forced to kill one another. The film's biggest names were actually behind the camera as fans were likely drawn by Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, and McLean, who is best known for horror fave, Wolf Creek. Costing only $5M and opening in only 1300 theaters, that $4M debut looks pretty sweet.
8. Hidden Figures- $1.5M/$165.5M
9. John Wick: Chapter Two- $1.2M/$89.7M
10. Before I Fall- $1M/$11.2M