Beyonce May Be Coming To Pride Rock In 'The Lion King' Remake

Queen Bey may be coming to Pride Rock. Jon Favreau is skipping a sequel to The Jungle Book (for now) in order to bring a live-action The Lion King to the screen. Stop whining, because so far the voices are pretty cool with Donald Glover a Simba and James Earl Jones back as Mufasa. And now it looks like Beyoncé could be joining them.

Beyoncé, who is currently pregnant with twins, is the frontrunner to voice Nala in the film.  Nala is Simba's childhood friend, and eventually when they grow older she becomes his wife. Beyoncé, queen of the pride? Yeah, that makes sense. I'll always be a fan of Moira Kelly's voice as Nala in the 1994 animated movie, and hopefully they can find a way to bring her back for...something? But then that film switched out the actors for actual singers when the musical bits came up, and they certainly wouldn't have to do that with Beyoncé.

If production begins in May then we can expect to get a flurry of announcements on The Lion King soon, and maybe some details on Favreau's plan to use VR technology during filming. [Variety]