'Bad Boys 3' Needs A New Director As Joe Carnahan Exits

Over the last few weeks we've seen Joe Carnahan attach himself to a couple of high-profile projects, the English-language remake of The Raid, and the screenwriter for X-Force. It was surprising because he was already set to direct Bad Boys 3 aka Bad Boys for Life with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence returning for the cop action-comedy. How could there not be some kind of scheduling conflict with so much going on? Well, turns out there might have been because Carnahan has dropped out of the Bad Boys sequel.

THR has the news and they say that officially Carnahan exited due to scheduling conflicts, but there's some buzz that creative differences is the real reason. Probably some combination of the two is the real reason, and since Carnahan wrote the script we may see Sony decide to just start over from scratch when they find a new director.

So yet another delay is possible, making it unlikely Bad Boys 3 hits the target November 8th 2018 release date.