Antonio Banderas Writes A Killer Story In The 'Black Butterfly' Trailer

There's generosity, and then there's stupidity. If you're a reclusive writer living in a small town racked by murders and abductions, it's plain stupid to invite a total stranger to stay at your home for a while. Apparently, Antonio Banderas' character in Black Butterfly is that stupid, otherwise there'd be no movie and thus no trailer to check out.

Banderas is that writer, Paul, who is holed up in a cabin in hopes of finishing the screenplay that will revive his career. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his steely green eyes is Jack, the person Paul first has a tense conversation with, then invites to come on over to his home. And things get bad as a storm hits, the power goes out, and Jack starts affecting Paul's writing. Piper Perabo co-stars with Brian Goodman directing this adaptation of French thriller novel, Papillon Noir.

I'm getting the sense that things might not be as they seem, Secret Window-style. Isn't that how things usually go with these "writer in the woods" movies?  Black Butterfly hits theaters and VOD on May 26th.