Anna Faris Is Starring In A Flip-Flopped Remake Of 'Overboard'

For years Anna Faris has been seen as someone who could fill the sizable comedy shoes of Goldie Hawn, and was once eyed for a remake of Private Benjamin that never happened. With Hawn actually back and acting again, her former films may be back on Hollywood's radar, and once again Faris is being considered, only this time it's for a remake of the 1987 amnesia comedy, Overboard.

THR reports Faris will star in a remake of Overboard, which originally starred Hawn and her longtime partner, Kurt Russell. Faris will be paired up with Mexican star Eugenio Derbez, who was last seen in Miracles from Heaven and has the comedy How to be a Latin Lover due out next month.

The original movie starred Hawn as a rich socialite who falls off her yacht and gets amnesia. Russell played a blue collar carpenter who convinces her that they are husband and wife and she's the mother of his children. The remake will flip the script with Derbez as a spoiled playboy from a rich Mexican family, and Faris as a single mom who convinces him they are married after he falls off the yacht and wakes up with amnesia.  Rob Greenberg and Bob Fisher co-wrote the script and will co-direct.

MGM is backing this one and it looks to be moving fast. About six years ago Sony tried to launch their own version with Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith. Don't worry, you aren't suffering from amnesia for not remembering because it never got off the blocks.