Andrew Garfield To Play War Journalist Carlos Mavroleon In 'Black Lion'

After earning an Oscar nomination for his performance as Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge, Andrew Garfield has chosen another project that will send him to the battlefield. Garfield will produce and star in Black Lion, about the life and death of war correspondent Carlos Mavroleon.

Penned by Alessandro Camon (The Messenger), the film will star Garfield as Mavroleon, the Harvard-educated heir to a wealthy Greek shipping empire who gave it up a lucrative career as a Wall Street trader to report from Afghanistan. There he lived a life that took him in unpredictable directions. Some say he fought alongside the Mujahideen against the Red Army at one point. He lived a fast life of glamour and excess, romancing famous women and doing lots of drugs. We do know that later he become a correspondent for 60 Minutes and became known for his willingness to report from dangerous locations. Deadline adds, "The story will be framed by Mavroleon’s final assignment for 60 Minutes, where he was tasked with sneaking into Afghan tribal territories immediately after President Clinton’s 1998 missile strikes against Bin Laden’s camps, aimed at the perpetrators who bombed the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. Mavroelon was one of the first journalists to discover the link between Pakistan and the Al Qaida/Taliban axis. He was subsequently found dead in a Peshawar motel room days later under mysterious circumstances."

No word on who will direct or when this will shoot, but there's already a great deal of promise behind it. Finding someone to get behind the camera should be no problem at all.