Amy Acker Is Another Reason To Watch Fox's X-Men Pilot

There have been some important casting additions to Fox's still-untitled X-Men series, and some not that important. This qualifies as the former in my book. Angel alum and Joss Whedon favorite, Amy Acker, has taken the female lead. She joins Stephen Moyer, Jamie Chung, Natalie Alyn Lind, Sean Teale, and Blair Redford. Acker recently appeared on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, and co-starred in The Cabin in the Woods.

Moyer and Acker will play parents who discover their children possess mutant powers, and must go on the run from a dangerous government. They meet up with an underground network and join the fight for survival. Chung is the only one playing an established Marvel character, the teleporting mutant Blink.

Bryan Singer will direct the pilot episode with Matt Nix serving as showrunner.  If Acker's in it I've got a brand new reason to watch because it was up in the air before now.