'All The Money In The World' Adds Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg, & Kevin Spacey

Things are moving pretty fast on Ridley Scott's upcoming film, All the Money in the World, perhaps to beat out Danny Boyle's FX series, Trust, which covers the same subject matter. There has been one setback and that's Natalie Portman, who was attached to the kidnapping thriller just weeks ago but is now no longer on board. However, the names Scott has secured in her place more than make up for it.

Michelle Williams will take over the role abandoned by Portman, while Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Spacey are also joining the cast. Daaaaaaamn. The film is based on the true story of the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III, heir to the Getty oil fortune, and his mother's desperate attempts to secure the ransom from her scrooge of a grandfather. Williams is playing Abigail Williams, the boy's mother, while Spacey is stingy J. Paul Getty and Wahlberg is ex-CIA agent Fletcher Chase.

This is shaping up to be huge, and with Scott's speed this one may be ready by the end of the year and the awards season. [THR]