Alfonso Cuaron Wraps On His '70s Set Mexican Drama, Plot Details Revealed

Ever since his hit multi Oscar-winning Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron has kept a low profile. Moving away from blockbusters, he decided to tackle a smaller film that was described as being about a Mexican family in the '70s, with not much in the way of details beyond that. It's his first film shot entirely in Mexico since his breakout, Y tu Mama Tambien. Well, we know more now that production has wrapped, including the film's title and one key event the film will capture.

The film is titled Roma, and will indeed follow a family in Mexico City in the '70s.  Cuaron will also depict the 1971 Corpus Christi massacre in which student protesters were attacked and killed by top government soldiers known as "Los Halcones", with the death toll reaching over 120 people. The film was apparently shot in 70mm by Cuaron and cinematographer Galo Olivares, not his regular DP Emmanuel Lubezki.  The sequence was completed months ago and was quite large, requiring key streets in Mexico City to be shut down.

During his press conference, Cuaron mentioned his friend Guillermo Del Toro when describing his reasons for tackling this particular film in his home country...

“[Del Toro] told me that certain movies are like a box of cereal with a prize included, because when you’re a kid, you eat it all up to know what you got. “‘Gravity’ was for me that little toy, and I made the decision to use it to go back to Mexico and make the film I had always dreamed of.”

No word on when this will land but would anybody be surprised if it drops later this year around awards season? [via ThePlaylist]