A New Director Has Come Aboard The 'Bloodshot' Movie

Following the surprising performance of John Wick, directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch were sought after for pretty much everything. They still are. But back then one of the first projects they agreed to was to bring Valiant's popular comic book character, Bloodshot, to the big screen. But in that time Stahelski and Leitch have split as a duo and have taken on multiple other projects, so Valiant and Sony have decided to get someone new to direct Bloodshot, and they've found their guy.

Valiant Entetainment revealed at Emerald City Comic-Con that Dave Wilson, who worked on video games with Deadpool director Tim Miller at Blur Studios, will be behind the camera for Bloodshot. This will be his feature directorial debut. While its tough to gauge how Wilson will be as a director, the script doe come from Eric Heisserer, writer of Best Picture nominee, Arrival.

Bloodshot centers on a nanobot-fueled super soldier, brought back to life but unable to access his memories. He has the power to interface with technology, shape-shift, and heal rapidly, all of which he uses to get revenge on those who did this to him (Although it really doesn't sound so bad) and to find out the mystery of his past.

The plan had been to adapt the comic Harbinger first, followed by Bloodshot, which would then lead to a Harbinger Wars crossover movie down the road. Doesn't sound like that's still the plan, but we shall see. [BleedingCool]