X-Force Movie Reportedly Being Written By Joe Carnahan

We first heard about a potential X-Force movie a couple of years ago around Comic-Con time, and that was back when Kick-Ass 2's Jeff Wadlow was on board. Nothing ever seemed to move forward on it, though, at least not with Wadlow around. Lately that's changed thanks to the popularity of Deadpool and his connection to the militaristic mutant squad. Two of its most prominent members, Cable and Domino, are said to be appearing in Deadpool 2 as a setup to the team's eventual movie. But is anybody actually working on this stuff?

Collider has the news that Joe Carnahan is writing the X-Force script, and it's kind of surprising. The reason is because Carnahan must be so incredibly busy right now. Not only is he working on Bad Boys 3 and its eventual sequel, but he recently signed on to direct a remake of The Raid, and he's writing the script for video game adaptation, Uncharted. That's a lot of high-profile franchise projects to be tackling all at once. I like Carnahan...not sure I like him that much.

There's still no director as far as we know, so chances are X-Force is a long ways off. It's not as if Fox doesn't have enough going on already with Deadpool 2, Josh Boone's New Mutants, and X-Men: Supernova.