WWE, HBO, And Bill Simmons Developing An Andre The Giant Documentary

The "Ninth Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant is finally getting a documentary worthy of his stature.  HBO is teaming with WWE and ex-ESPN host Bill Simmons, formerly of Grantland and currently of theringer.com, on a documentary centered on one of the most beloved figures in professional wrestling, and everyone's favorite rhyming giant from The Princess Bride. Jason Hehir is on board to direct.

Born Andre Roussimoff, the French grappler would grow to a height of 7'4" and a weight of over 500lbs, due to a gigantism diagnosis as a child. He would join the WWE/WWF in 1973 and enjoyed an incredible 15-year undefeated streak before losing to Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III in one of the most iconic matches in wrestling history. That's the one where Hogan body slammed Andre right in the middle of the ring before delivering his patented leg drop. Due to failing health, Andre would retire from WWE in 1991 and became the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale, held annually, is obviously named in his honor.

Andre the Giant became a pop culture icon (Shepard Fairey's "OBEY" slogan and line feature Andre prominently) and continues to be so long after his death in 1993. There's an incredible amount of renewed interest in Andre's career, as a narrative biopic is also in the works. [Deadline]