Wolverine Is Lonely, Has An Awful Job In New Clip From 'Logan'

Y'know, being an X-Man doesn't exactly set you up with a lot of life skills. Sure, you learn to fight, shoot lasers, shred robots, and come back from the dead, but how much does something like that pay? With the X-Men disbanded in the future Logan takes place in, we see that Wolverine has had to resort to really crappy jobs just to make ends meet.

In the latest clip, Hugh Jackman's Logan is seen driving a bunch of ungrateful passengers around in a limo, and it's a wonder he hasn't popped a claw on these bastards yet. At the same time we hear voice-over that sounds like Logan has answered a personal ad, which is just friggin' embarrassing when you think of all the mutant chicks he's scored with. Too bad they always end up dead. Or evil. Or both. I bet his personal profile says something like, "Work hard, play hard. Loves craft beer."

I'm really diggin' the minimal black & white style chosen by director James Mangold for this scene. If the whole thing looked like this I wouldn't complain. Maybe an alternate version on the Blu-Ray? Logan hits theaters on March 3rd.