Vince Vaughn Joins The Rock In Movie On WWE Superstar, Paige

I'm still a little shocked that a movie on WWE superstar Paige is being made, and that it's a legit project not something slapped together by Vince McMahon.  She comes from one of the great wrestling families, and the film is being treated like a huge deal with Dwayne Johnson producing and playing a small role, not to mention MGM paying a hefty sum for the rights. And with that investment comes an impressive cast that includes Nick Frost, Lena Headey, Florence Pugh as Paige, Jack Lowden as her brother, and now Vince Vaughn.

Titled Fighting with My Family, the film is written and directed by The Office and Logan star, Stephen Merchant. It centers on Paige and her family of professional wrestlers that includes her father, mother, and brother, who all earn a living performing in tiny venues. When the kids get a chance to try out for the WWE, they learn that it demands more from them than they ever thought possible. If you know Paige's current status with WWE then you know she's had some trouble handling her fame. That may be a recurring them in the movie, actually, as Vaughn will play a wrestler from the '80s who squandered his fortune and celebrity.

We'll see Vaughn next at the Oscars where Hacksaw Ridge is nominated for Best Picture.  Vaughn and Johnson last starred together in the Get Shorty sequel, Be Cool.

Our @sevenbucksprod is excited to welcome Vince Vaughn to our #FightingWithMyFamily cast. He loved the script and sank his teeth into it embodying this character. He's playing a man who I know all too well and those of you who follow wrestling history know well too. The 80's wrestling star who squandered his money and opportunities because he didn't have the capacity to handle his fame. One bad decision after another, but these days he owns his past actions and does everything he can to give back to the wrestling business he loves. Vince has been a buddy of mine for years and I'm fired up to see what he brings to this role. I grew up in and love this wild, crazy and unpredictable world of pro wrestling. Our little passion project is coming together nicely. More casting news to come. Production starts tomorrow. Let's shoot! #FightingWithMyFamily #VinceVaughn #SevenBucksProds #MisherFilms #Film4 #WWEFilms #SquaredCircleDNA
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