Trailer For Demetri Martin's Award-Winning Directorial Debut, 'Dean'

Comedian Demetri Martin made his directorial debut last year with the dramedy, Dean, debuting it at the Tribeca Film Festival. There it earned strong reviews and an award for Best Narrative Feature, but it has been a very quiet rollout with not a lot of buzz.  That may begin to change now with the first trailer's arrival, revealing Martin in a more somber role than we've seen from him before.

Co-starring Gillian Jacobs, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen, Reid Scott, Peter Scolari, Rory Scovel, Christine Woods, Ginger Gonzaga, and Briga Heelan, the film stars Martin as an illustrator trying to move on in the wake of his mother's death. It looks like Martin is trying to take an even-handed approach to the subject of grief, combining lighter animated moments with scenes of real emotional gravity. 

Our own John Armstrong saw the film last week and we'll have a review ready when it opens on June 2nd.