'Toni Erdmann' Remake On The Way With Jack Nicholson And Kristen Wiig

Hey, what was Jack Nicholson's last big screen role? Turns out it was 2010's forgettable rom-com with the awful title, How Do You Know, and that's a pretty lousy way to end a career. Maybe that's why, with retirement talk flying around a lot lately, Nicholson has decided to go out on a high note by starring in an American remake of Best Foreign Language Oscar nominee, Toni Erdmann.

Variety reports Nicholson and Kristen Wiig will star in a redo of Maren Ade's acclaimed family comedy about a father who goes to unorthodox lengths to connect with his career-minded daughter.  Ade is on board as a producer, along with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. I could have easily seen Ferrell in the lead role but Nicholson is obviously a strong get, and seeing him back on the big screen is a plus.

Here's hoping this progresses faster than the American remake of The Intouchables, which has been developing for what seems like an eternity. The big problem in both cases will be translating the humor and unusual family dynamics in a way our audiences can relate to. Do it wrong and Toni Erdmann will come off like a really creepy stalker who likes weird costumes. That's going to be an issue for the director to help solve, and this is so early on that one has yet to be named. Expect that to change soon.