This Week In DC TV: The Legends Save Christmas While Also “Netflix and Chilling”

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This week in the DC CW Arrowverse, a few things are a brewing!  On Supergirl, the White Martins attack.  After Miss Martian was able to recover, she’s not a traitor among her people and under attack.  It’s up to Supergirl, Hank, and the DEO to save her.  On The Flash, the new metahuman of the week causes problems for Team Flash as they are unable to even touch him.  Wally also has to come into his own as a hero and try to be as fast as he can under Barry’s tutelage.  On Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends have to deal with the new and improved Rip Hunter, who is now a member of the Legion of Doom.  Some of the Legends also explore the definition of “Netflix and Chill.”  On Arrow, with a new Black Canary, Team Arrow heads to Russia to bring General Walker to justice for his stealing of nukes and as well as Diggle’s framing

So how did everything in the Arrowverse go this week? Let’s take a look at this week’s episodes:

Supergirl: “The Martian Chronicles”

Last week after Hank Henshaw (J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter) saved M’gann from her dangerous hallucinations, she warned that her people, the White Martians would be coming after her.  It didn’t take long for them to come looking for her.

This week, it’s the DEO versus the White Martians.  Hank already took the threat seriously and was following her after her release.  He shape-shifted into various people and continued to tail her all over the place.  It didn’t take long for her to run into her former White Martian husband Armek, who was tasked with finding her and taking her to Mars, to find her.  After a brief battle with her and Hank teaming against him, they escaped to the DEO.

Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie have a date going to see a Barenaked Ladies concert.  The problem is that it’s the same day as Kara’s “Earth Day.”  Earth Day is the day that she celebrates her coming to the planet, and it’s something that Kara has done with Alex every year.  It acts as kind of a birthday for her and a time-honored tradition she does with her adoptive sister.  While Kara tells Alex that it’s OK to skip Earth Day, she’s clearly bothered by it and thinks that her sister is leaving her.

Back at the DEO, as the group is strategizing how to deal with the White Martians, they have become infiltrated.  The big problem with dealing with a shape-shifting enemy, is that they could be anyone.  Literally, anyone at the DEO could be a murderous alien.  Hank locks the DEO down so that they can find out who everyone really is.  To make matters even worse, White Martians are telepathic, so you can’t ask anyone a question to confirm they are who they say they are, as the Martian imposter has that person’s memories as well.  The only thing that can give a Martian away, is their aversion to fire.  Although this is canonically correct with DC comics, it’s a huge homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing, as everyone holds their hands to the flame so we can find out who is an alien.  Turns out Winn was being impersonated by an alien and the battle commences.  

The White Martian impersonating Winn used his memories to activate a bomb within the DEO.  The team needs to find Winn in order to undo the bomb.  Hank explores the DEO and discovers Winn’s body, unconscious in a cocoon.  Winn wasn’t the only person the White Martian was impersonating.  Hank discovers Winn, but he also sees Alex in a cocoon as well.  Alex is being impersonated by a second White Martian!  The battle continues.  After they manage to defeat the two White Martians, M’gann decides that she needs to head to Mars.  Although she risks death for being a traitor to her people, she holds onto the hope that there are other White Martians who think like her and want peace.  As she teleports away to a nearby Martian ship, she and Hank share a moment where they both declare their feelings for her.  Hank gives her, her signature comic name “Miss Martian.”

Later on, Kara and Alex make peace with the whole Earth Day fiasco.  Kara was really afraid of losing her sister, which Alex confirms that she will never do.  Kara has been wrestling with her possible feelings for Mon-El since her told her how he felt for her last week.  Although she didn’t tell him she had feelings, she decides to give it a try.  However, when she goes to tell him, she sees he’s moved on and is going to go on a date Eve.  Kara opts not to tell him instead.

Next week’s episode “Luthors” reunites Kara and Lena Luthor after her mother Lillian is broken out of prison thanks to one of her superpowered soldiers.

The Flash: “Untouchable”

Knowing that Wally has to be the one to save Iris, Barry is trying to step up his speedster training for him on The Flash.  Wally is already faster than Barry was at this time in his evolution.  However, Wally still is the “hot rod” flashy person that he was before he gained his Speed Force abilities.  The two carry out a friendly race all over town to see who is the faster of the two.  Members of Team Flash place bets on who will be the victor.  This must place Joe is a weird place as both Barry and Wally are his sons, and he has to remain neutral (as most fathers are required to).  Barry proves to be the victor as right now, experience still trumps age, as Barry wins by phasing through a wall and Wally, doesn’t know how to do it yet.  

Meanwhile, there’s a new metahuman, Clive Yorkin in Central City who has a very unique ability.  His simple touch makes whatever touches him decompose at a very quick rate.  Yorkin was one of Alchemy’s husk metahumans, and he is now picking victims who wronged him in the Flashpoint reality.  His first victim is a chef, who in Flashpoint was a police captain.  This also causes a little bit of alarm for Team Flash (especially Iris) as his restaurant closed in the future that Savitar kills Iris in.  Perhaps the future might still be coming true as predicted.  Barry is not as worried as Iris is because he will do everything in his power to save her.

Yorkin then goes after Joe when he’s taking the family as well as his girlfriend Cecile’s daughter for lunch.  Barry opts not to use his Flash abilities and lets Wally try and save the day.  Barry on the sly coaches him to use his arms as a whirlwind to blow Yorkin away.  Wally saves the day to Cecile’s daughter’s approval as she’s a Kid Flash fan.  In the aftermath, Barry wants Joe to keep a low profile as he is a target, but Joe is hearing none of that.  Iris decides to come clean with him about Barry’s future with Savitar.  Joe rightfully so in angry and everyone for keeping this from him, but he’s especially angry and Barry and Iris, the kids he raised from keeping something so big from him.  He walks out.

Later on, Iris is at her home continuously trying to call Joe to talk with him.  However, Yorkin has tracked her down.  He figures if he can’t get Joe, he’ll get the next best thing.  We get to see the teams “Team Flash Panic App” in action.  After she turns the app on, Wally is there to the rescue.  However, he’s not fast enough before Yorkin touches her arm.  Now Iris is in trouble as the decomposition process is starting on her arm.  He quickly takes her to STAR Labs so that the team can try and figure out a scientific way to save her.  

At STAR Labs, Barry is a little upset with Wally for not telling him and just going to Iris himself.  The only way to regress the decomposition, though, is to freeze her arm.  Lucky for them they have a metahuman with freeze abilities, Caitlin.  However, there’s the fear that if she uses her power, then her Killer Frost persona will emerge and the team will have a new set of problems.  Caitlin is reluctant as well as she doesn’t want to turn into Killer Frost.  However, to save Iris, she agrees to use her powers.  Meanwhile, Barry and Wally have a heart to heart.  Barry apologizes for yelling at Wally and tells him that he’s been a bad teacher.  There’s more to being a mentor than telling someone how to do what they need to do.  Barry tells Wally that he hasn’t been able to inspire Wally to be his best.  There’s going to be a halftime speech sooner or later between the two.  Cisco comes up with the idea to vibe to the Flashpoint universe to try and figure out who Yorkin’s next victim will be.  As he vibes to the Flashpoint universe he sees the image of Laura Stone, who was a cop in Flashpoint was one of the people who arrested Yorkin.  In this universe, she’s a private investigator and a colleague of Joe.  Joe decides that he will try and find her and warn her.  

Julian, is feeling a little bit of guilt over the creation of Yorkin while he was Doctor Alchemy.  To atone, he tries to use his scientific mind to try and figure out a way to touch him and therefore stop him.  He comes to the theory that if a speedster (either Barry or Wally) introduces their blood to Yorkin, it will counteract with his decomposition powers and render him powerless.  

Joe meets up with Laura at the train station as she’s investigating a cheating spouse.  After his warning, she plays it tough and is not alarmed even though Yorkin is a metahuman (cops must be used to them by now anyway).  Of course, that means that Yorkin has to show up.  Joe uses his panic app and bot Barry and Wally suit up for the rescue.  Yorkin uses his powers to make a bridge decompose and the train is headed straight for the rubble.  As fast as they are, there’s no way for Wally and Barry to get everyone off the train in time.  Barry comes up with the idea of phasing the entire train so that they will simply pass through the debris.  Although it takes everything out of him, Barry manages to do it and save everyone on the train.  However, Yorkin is still out there.  Barry tells Wally that he will have to be the one who stop Yorkin.  Wally is full of self-doubt as he can’t phase yet.  Here comes Barry’s halftime speech.  Wally willingly cuts himself so that he is bleeding, and then runs towards Yorkin and manages to phase right through the villain.  With that, his powers no longer work.  Wally saves the day!

Back at STAR Labs, they use Yorkin’s no neutralized blood to synthesize an antidote and Iris is saved!  Although there was a brief moment where her Killer Frost persona came through, Caitlin is also happy everything worked out.  She and Julian share a moment about their shared guilt over the damage their alter egos have done and agree to get a drink together.  Looks like yet another Team Flash couple is about to form.  Later on, Wally is practicing using his phasing abilities when the portal from Earth-2 opens up.  Jesse Quick emerges and Wally is happy (remember, they like each other).  However, this is no social visit as she tells him that Grodd has kidnapped her father Harry Wells.  It looks like the team is heading to Gorilla City!

We’re going to have to wait 2 weeks (boo) for the first of a two-parter: “Attack on Gorilla City.”  Team Flash will be heading into Grodd’s home to save him.

Legends of Tomorrow: “Untouchable”

Last week on Legends of Tomorrow’s Legion of Doom-centric episode, the bad guys managed to put Rip Hunter’s brain back together.  They even made a few tweaks of their own.  There was a brief tease as to what that means.  This week we get to see just what they did.  Rip Hunter has been brainwashed into an evil version of himself.  Let’s call him “Evil Rip” going forward.

Evil Rip starts the episode off by traveling to 1776 where he goes and kills George Washington on the eve of George Washington turning the tide of the Revolutionary War.  Rip does this because he knows that it will create a big enough time quake that the Legends will be forced to travel to that timeline for a trap.  He would then be able to steal another piece of the Spear of Destiny from them.  And it doesn’t get much bigger than killing George Washington.  After all, there would be no United States of America without him.  Sara knows this will be a trap, so the Legends have to tread carefully.

When the Legends arrive in New Jersey in 1776, it’s Christmas Eve with the hopes of finding George Washington and keeping him in their own protective custody.  However, as soon as they arrive, in come the Red Coats.  Rip manages to give them shotguns from the future which proves advantageous for them. Lucky for the Legends, they manage to get a hold of George Washington and sneak out.

The celebration is short-lived.  Evil Rip manages to detonate an EMP which knocks out everything.  Rory’s heat gun no longer works, Ray’s Atom suit (which he was miniaturized in) no longer works, The Wave Rider has no power, and even Jax and Stein cannot combine to become Firestorm.  They are neutralized.  As Rory and Sara escape with George Washington, they are confronted by Evil Rip on the road.  To show just how bad Evil Rip is (and how well he knows the team), he shoots Sara (his only real challenge) and leaves her for dead while taking Rory and George Washington hostage.  

Jax and Stein find Sara and bring her into the Wave rider, but without Gideon, they might not be able to save her.  Although Stein technically I a doctor, he’s not the surgery kind of doctor and we even get an “I’m a …..” Star Trek joke was thrown in there.  Sara regains consciousness briefly where she places Jax in charge of the ship, something Jax isn’t sure he can do.  

Outside, Vixen and Nate are trying to track down Evil Rip so they can save Rory and George Washington.  They do get a bit… distracted, though.  Vixen, being a woman out of time is curious about dating habits in the 21st century.  She’s used to “courting” and Nate has to explain the concept of Tinder as well as Netflix and Chilling to a woman from the 1940s.  There definitely is some chemistry between the two.  Instead of trying to track down Evil Rip, the two appear more going on a “walk in the park” type of date.  They are briefly interrupted when they run into a few bad guys come their way.  In the scuffle, Nate is thrown off a cliff into a river.  He survives because of his Citizen Steele powers, but they cannot protect him from the 1700’s harsh winter.  Vixen uses her powers to gain the abilities of a seal to dive in and save him.  As Nate tries to recuperate in a tent, he’s going into shock.  Vixen strips down to her birthday suit after removing his clothes and lays on him to keep him warm.  We all know where this is going to end right?  After he recovers, he invites her to stay in the ten with her under the blanket naked, and the two hook up.  This is all while they are supposed to be trying to save the future of America.

Rory and George Washington are hostages together.  In typical Rory fashion, he’s gruff, even to the first president of the United States.  Washington is all about honor while Mick is… Mick.  He believes in fighting dirty.  Washington and Mick are to be sentenced to death for treason by the British soldiers when Washington pleads to let Mick go as he was just following orders.  Before Mick is free to go, George Washington hands him a note and Mick gives Washington a little pep talk about not giving up.  The next day at Washington’s hanging fortune smiles on him as they are rescued by Nate and Vixen, as well as some of Washington’s soldiers who Rory was able to get.

Meanwhile, on the Wave Rider, Evil Rip is trying to find the Spear of Destiny.  After having a few British soldiers pry open the docking doors of the ship, he’s now hunting Stein and Jax aboard the ship.  Jax channels his inner McClane and takes out the British soldiers accompanying him.  During this time, a miniaturized Ray Palmer is wondering around ventilation shafts being chased by a mouse (best DC copy/homage to Ant-Man).  Evil Rip taunts Jax with threats as well as promises to rewrite reality so that his father is still alive if he gives him the Spear of Destiny.  Things take a turn for the worst when Evil Rip finds a near comatose Sara and threatens her life is Jax doesn’t reveal where the piece of the spear is.  Jax finally succumbs and reveals the location, and then Evil Rip proceeds to break Sara’s neck.  How many times can Sara die before it gets old?
Ray finally find where a backup circuit breaker is on the Wave Rider and uses all his strength (in his small form) to turn it on.  This negates all the effects on the EMP as they now have a functioning ship again.  With Gideon back online, she will be able to save Sara, who’s “mostly dead.”  Jax, wanting to kill Evil Rip, has gone outside to get revenge for Sara (as he doesn’t know she’s alive).  He is only stopped by Sara who gives him a good pep talk about staying true to himself.  With that Evil Rip (and the piece of the spear) escape.  

Even though the Legion of Doom is closer to the Spear of Destiny, the Legends have something to celebrate.  They are a family, and celebrate Christmas in 1776 as one.  Nate and Vixen chat about their hookup, but Vixen decides against pursuing a relationship as she wants to remain professional.  Who knew she was gonna hit it and quit it.  Nate thinks that’s a good choice.  With George Washington saved all of history is restored, except Rory has a statue built in his honor now in Washington DC.  The team celebrates together. 

Legends of Tomorrow also has a week off, but the next episode will mark the return of the JSA as the Legends travel to the times of Merlin searching for more pieces of the spear.

Arrow: “Bratva”

This whole season on Arrow the flashbacks has been about Oliver’s time in Russia.  However this week, he gets to return there to help out his friend Diggle and finally put a stop to General Walker and his missing nukes.  

This week remarks the return of Quentin Lance to the mayor’s office.  Oliver had hired him as his deputy chief of staff to carry out most of his mayoral responsibilities as he was spending most of his time as the Green Arrow.  However, Quentin was still drinking heavily after the death of his daughter Laurel at the end of last season.  Thea placed him into rehabs a few weeks ago and we haven’t heard from him for a few weeks as a result.  Now that he’s out of rehab, he’s ready to resume his duties.  Upon news of his return, Susan, the reporter (and Oliver’s girlfriend) wants a sit down to interview him.  

General Walker is now on the defensive.  Thanks to Felicity’s hacker group buddies, she gained the evidence that it wasn’t Diggle who was trying to sell nuclear weapons on the black market, but he was.  After killing more than 20 people in their wake, Walker and his men have fled the country to Russia, where there are no diplomatic agreements between the US and Russia (since Trump’s not president in the Arrowverse), so there’s no way to stop him from selling the nukes to anyone else.  It’s off to Russia Team Arrow goes.

Wild Dog stays behind as Oliver thinks his temper and flair for guns could cause an international incident.  Instead, Oliver taps him for a task that’s even harder than fighting soldiers in another country, he has to prep Quinten for the interview with Susan.  Rene is the right person for the job, as during their prep interviews, he pushes Quinten hard, asking personal questions about Laurel and his drinking.  Sure, he pisses Quinten off by asking these personal questions, but he also helps him finally be able to deal with the death of his daughter without reverting to drinking, so he can stay in control.

As Oliver comes to Russia, he is greeted by his old friend Anatoly, who instead of a handshake gives him a punch to the jaw.  Anatoly gives this to Oliver as justice for the death of Alexi Leonov all the way back from Season 2 of Arrow.  It’s good that stuff from past episodes are now starting to shape future stories.  Anatoly didn’t forgive Oliver for this and tells him to go home as there’s nothing in Russia for him.  However, Oliver and the team go and set up shop anyway.  As Oliver tries to get help from him, Anatoly continues to remake that each member of Team Arrow is his new “favorite American.”

With no such luck with Anatoly, Felicity uses her reemerging hacking interest to try and chase down Walker.  She is able to trace a burner phone to figure out one of the cell phone carrier executives to a part.  She, Curtis, and Rory go to a party where the guy is and pretend to be Bratva with the hopes of blackmailing him. Felicity’s dark side is starting to come through the surface and she plays the role a little too well.  Rory notices it and is concerned.

After getting the location for Walker thanks to the terrified businessman, Team Arrow try and track him down.   Walker was prepared, though, and a gunfight erupts.  Walker is able to escape but thanks to Dinah’s Black Canary scream, they are able to take a hostage from one of Walker’s men.  Diggle is consumed by rage for the frame up that Walker did so he doesn’t go easy on the soldier and proceeds to torture him.  Not wanting his friend to go even deeps down a dark path, Oliver opts to make a deal with Anatoly.  He and Dinah are recruited to do some work for the Bratva and help take down a rival organization.  Dinah even comments that she can tell this isn’t the first time Oliver’s done this type of work.  Oliver remarks that he’s tried to move past this darkness, but it keeps pulling him back to the man he was.  It’s now Dinah’s turn to give the pep talk and she tells Oliver to live and not infect himself and everyone around him with darkness.  

After carrying out Anatoly’s request, Oliver has the location of Walker.  Both Diggle and Felicity are upset with Oliver for the levels he took, but he’s got a clean conscience as he kept them clean in doing so.  As they launch their attack on Walker and his men, Anatoly sends them some Bratva backup and they are off to fight them.  Turns out Walker did not want to sell the nuke but double cross his buyers and set up another nuke deal to double cross later as well.  However, they eventually find the nuke, but not before Walker set it to blow up.  Felicity feeling guilty for the nuke going off last year volunteers to fly a plane carrying the Nuke away like she’s Jack Bauer or something.  However, Rory ops to use his rags to contain the nuke.  His rags survived a nuclear explosion before, they should be good again.  Rory manages to contain the blast in his rags and everyone is happy the day is saved and Walker is in custody.  

When the group heads back to the States, Rory tells Felicity that the blast has removed his rags’ ability to protect him and his ability to control them.  He is now a liability for Team Arrow and decided now’s the time for him to make his exit.  He tells her that he’ll be back, though.  He’s probably off to get some more rags from wherever his father got them from.  Quinten’s interview went well, thanks to Rene.  Now only did he coach Quinten, but he also put in a good word with the reporter.  He told her about one time when he was a kid Officer Quinten did something to help him change his life around… a little.  However at the end, Susan (after she finally hooks up with Oliver) is talking with a source that confirms that Oliver was with Bratva in Russia five years ago (referenced in flashbacks this week with Talia Al Gul) and that there was a Luchnik (Archer I Russian) in Russia who looks eerily similar to “The Hood.”  Susan has put two and two together: Oliver is the Green Arrow!

It looks like it’s Team Arrow vs Vigilante next week on “Spectre of the Gun.”