This Week In DC TV: The Flash Goes To Gorilla City

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Last week in the Arrowverse, we did not see too many new shows as The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow had the week off.  However, this week, it’s a full house once again.  Supergirl had a special Valentine ’s Day episode, complete with the most interesting bad guy there is.  The Flash had the opening of a two-parter, which looks to lead us to the eventual “Savitar-murders-Iris” moment for the possible finale.  On Legends of Tomorrow, we head to two different timelines where a few of the Legends learn about honor and being a knight.  Elsewhere, on Arrow, we get to see the return of some of the most dangerous villainesses Oliver has faced.

So how did everything in the Arrowverse go this week? Let’s take a look at this week’s episodes:

Supergirl: “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk

Last week ended with Kara and Mon-El about to finally take their relationship to the next level, only for them to once again be interrupted by some new character, who declares his love for Kar and wants to marry her.  We soon learn that he is Mr. Mxyzptlk, a character famous from many Superman comics.  It’s always interesting to see how they incorporate many superman canon events from the comics into the Supergirl TV show.  “Mxy,” as he is called at times in the comics, was routinely an annoying supervillain/sometimes anti-hero for Kara’s cousin in the comics, but on the show, he’s using his powers to try and woo her into marriage.

Speaking of his powers, he’s a virtual God.  Mr. Mxyzptlk is an alien from the 5th Dimension, and pretty much can do whatever he wishes.  He proves it by first snapping his fingers and Kara’s in a wedding dress.  When Mon-El protests, he simply wills Mon-El to the DEO in nothing but his underwear.  To have such omnipotent powers, Mr. Mxyzptlk has the maturity of a 7-year-old, and he has the hots for Kara.  Although she refuses him, he assumes she’s playing hard to get and vows to prove his worth to her.

This is happening also on Valentine’s Day as Alex wants to celebrate the day with Maggie.  Unfortunately, this is not working to her favor.  You see most of her life, Alex has not really had a significant other, and only after learning about her own sexuality is she even taking a chance with Maggie, and she wants to celebrate this day for the first time in her life.  The only problem is that Maggie is the exact opposite.  She completely hates the idea of Valentine’s Day.  For Maggie, it signifies when she unofficially came out to her parents, and as a result, was kicked out of the home.  This serves to remind us that although there has been significant progress for LGBT issues recently, there was a time when coming out to your family mean being ostracized from them.

Valentine’s Day isn’t bad for everyone, though.  Winn finally gets himself a girl.  He encounters Lyra, an alien from the planet Starhaven at everyone’s usual alien bar.  As Winn is about to be beaten up by two other aliens looking for a fight, Lyra saves him and beats them up.  The two end up going home together for a good old time.  After their booty call reaches its conclusion, Winn opts to go on a real date with her.  She is surprised as he takes her to a fancy place where she catches a bunch of stares being an alien, which Winn doesn’t care for.  This turns her on even more as they opt to take their date back to his place for some more sex.

Mr. Mxyzptlk causes a rift between Mon-El and Kara.  Not because Mxyzptlk has a chance, but because Mon-El has wanted to take Mxyzptlk out and Kara wants to handle things on her own.  Of course, Mon-El doesn’t listen (as most men don’t) and tries to take Mxyzptlk on using an alien artifact at the DEO that is capable of making Mxyzptlk’s powers not work.  Even still, Mxyzptlk gains the upper hand and is about to kill Mon-El in a fight when Kara intervenes and promises to marry him.  However, Kara knows the key to beating him.  Mxyzptlk’s only weakness is if he says his name backward, he has to return back to the 5th Dimension.  She lures him to the Fortress of Solitude and programs her computer with a special passcode that will display his name backward.  She activates the self-destruct of the base and gives him the code, which prompts him to return back to the 5th Dimension.

In the aftermath, Mon-El apologizes to Kara and Alex and Maggie make up, ensuring everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.

Next week on Supergirl, Jeremiah Danvers (Kara and Alex’s father) returns from Project Cadmus in "Homecoming," but can he be trusted?

The Flash: “Attack On Gorilla City

Last week, Jesse Quick came from Earth-2 telling Wally that her father Harry was kidnapped by Grodd (the super strength telepathic Gorilla) and she needed their help rescuing him.

One of the headlines from the “Iris-will-be-dead” future is that there will be a Gorilla attack on Earth-1, so it raises some suspicion that things are going just as predicted.  However, Barry takes it that if they travel to Earth-2 and save Harry from Grodd, then the gorilla’s will not attack, changing the timeline and saving Iris.  Plus, they aren’t just going to leave Harry out to suffer in Gorilla City.  Wally and Jesse stay behind in Central City as the rest of Team Flash (including Julian in his best Indiana Jones cosplay) head to Earth-2 to rescue Harry.

When they arrive at Earth-2 at Gorilla City, they are quickly dealt with at the hands of Grodd and other gorillas.  They awaken in cages and are now prisoners.  Harry shows up (mind controlled by Grodd) and speaks for Grodd.  Grodd (via Harry) tells them that he needs their help stopping Solovar, Gorilla City’s leader who wants to lead an attack on Central City in Earth-1.  Grodd promises Barry that if he helps defeat Solovar, Central City will be spared.  To do so, Barry will need to face Solovar in a Gladiator-like arena.

As Barry faces off against the even-stronger-than-Grodd gorilla, Solovar seems to be kicking his ass.  The battle (rather impressive CGI for a network TV show) has flash most of the time on the ropes with Cisco and other members of Team Flash cheering him on.  As Barry gains the upper hand, he ends up defeating Solovar.  However, Barry does not kill him and announces to all the gorillas in attendance that the people of Earth-1 do not want to kill them.

Meanwhile, on Earth-1, Wally and Jesse reunite.  The two had been close to forming a relationship before she left to go back with her father to Earth-2.  As the two are fighting crime, she’s distant.  Turns out, she is entertaining the possibility of leaving Earth-2 behind so that she can be with Wally.  After an enlightening conversation with HR (he may not be as smart as the other versions of Wells, but he’s a great “muse”), she decides that she will remain behind on Earth-1, she just has to tell her father after he’s rescued.

However, because Barry did not kill Solovar, Grodd places him back in custody.  However, the real reason was because he wanted to perform a coup against Solovar and take over as the ruler of Gorilla City.  Grodd then reveals his plan for using Cisco to open a portal to Earth-1 and he will lead the gorilla army into Central City (further making the future come true).  Knowing that they cannot let that happen, the team comes up with a plan of escape.  The plan requires Caitlin to use her “Killer Frost” powers to freeze Barry to death.  When Grodd returns and sees Barry’s lifeless body, he takes him out of the cage to check him and then throws him on a pile of carcasses.  Barry quickly revives himself and helps the team escape back to Earth-1.

However, Cisco wasn’t the only person Grodd was counting on.  Gypsy (the woman Cisco fought for HR a few weeks back with the same powers as he), has been with Grodd and she will be his way to Earth-1, and he has the full gorilla army ready to attack.

Next week is the conclusion, “Attack on Central City.”

Legends of Tomorrow: “Camelot/3000

This episode of Legends of Tomorrow should have really been called “Camelot” as we barely spent any time in the year 3000.

Continuing the “Spear of Destiny” arc, Evil Rip Hunter goes to Detroit in the year 3000 (it’s good that Detroit will eventually bounce back) to retrieve a piece of the spear.  The spear is being guarded over by Dr. Mid-Nite (who we haven’t seen since episode 2 “The Justice Society of America”).  Turns out, the Legends aren’t the only heroes Rip has sent on adventures throughout time.  Before the Legion of Doom brainwashed him, Rip had members of the Justice Society of America leave the 1940s and go to various places throughout time to safeguard pieces of the spear.  

Rip gets to Dr. Mid-Nite before the Legends do.  When the Legends come up on his body, Dr. Mid-Nite managed to write “Rip” in his own blood.  They are up against the clock against their former leader to gain pieces of the spear.  Gideon manages to identify the next place to investigate, Camelot during the Arthurian times.

Upon meeting Queen Guinevere, the Legends go to meet King Arthur.  Not just Dr. Mid-Nite was in the year 3000, another Justice Society member, Stargirl, is time displaced to safeguard pieces of the spear.  Because of her staff, she assumes the role of Merlin and formed the Knights of the Round Table to protect the spear.  Nate thinks of the tale of King Arthur as just “stories,” but is surprised when he starts to meet the living legends.  as However, Ray Palmer is very excited to be in the times of his favorite childhood stories.  In fact, he takes it a little too far.  Introducing himself as “Sir Raymond of Palms,” he becomes heavily invested in the workings of Camelot.

At the same time, Rip and Damien Darhk are trying to get the piece of the spear.  Using a mind-control device obtained from the year 3000, they manage to recruit an entire army of mind-controlled knights, including King Arthur himself.

Meanwhile, Stein managed to steal a piece of the mind-controlling technology from the year 3000 and has been performing his own experiments to counter Rips’s mind-control technology.  However, Stein is having no such luck.  Just for a goof, Mick uses the mind control device, and it turns out he is able to use it better than Stein.  Turns out, the more aggressive the mind, the more powerful they are using the device.  This comes in handy as the Legends team up with Guinevere against Rip and Darhk’s army.  

Ray Palmer has become one of Guinevere’s devoted knights, and even uses his pieces of his atom suit to power his given sword and make it a “light saber” love their continued George Lucas references) and uses it when they do battle.  Thanks to Mick’s mind, they manage to stop the attack and even take Rip into custody.  However, Rip still has control over Gideon as the episode ends with him reaching out to her.

We’ll have to wait 2 weeks for Rip’s escape I “Land of the Lost.”

Arrow: “The Sin-Eater”

This week on Arrow marks the return of three of Oliver’s female villains.  Cupid, China White and Liza were all on a prison bus being escorted when the trio decided to make an escape.  As they easily dispatch the guards, they high tail it to Central City.  

Meanwhile, Oliver finds out who Prometheus’s possible mother is and meets her as the mayor (not as the Green Arrow).  He appeals to her to let him know the real identity of her son, but she doesn’t blame her son, she blames the Green Arrow for killing his father.  She tells Oliver that if she tells him who her son is, he’ll get locked up and not get the treatment he needs instead.

Oliver has, even more, trouble on the civilian side.  His girlfriend (and reporter) Susan has amassed evidence that Oliver is the Green Arrow ad straight up asks him if he is the Green Arrow.  Oliver says yes, but then reneges saying he was just joking, but she’s onto him.  Thea, ever the protective sister has Felicity hack into Susan’s computer ad sees the treasure trove of evidence linking Oliver to his vigilante counterpart.  Thea has Felicity then plant some information onto Susan’s computer, accusing her of plagiarism.  Susan is fired, and will probably have trouble getting even a regular job going forward.  Although Thea didn’t want this, the end result show’s that she could be a formidable foe, even when she’s not a vigilante.  Oliver is visibly upset with his sister, not only because his relationship with Susan is ruined, but he’s slowly seeing Thea turn into their mother before is eyes.

As the Green Arrow, Oliver tracks down the female trio, only to be foiled by the police as they still think that he killed Billy Malone a few weeks ago.  Oliver of course escapes, but now need to get the police to back off.  As mayor Queen, Oliver tells the police chief that the Green Arrow didn’t kill him, but it was Prometheus’ doing.  Of course, this is also an admission of a cover up.  The police chief is not 100% convinced and still has The Green Arrow as a person of interest.  

Dinah Drake is also fitting in nice with the team.  She and Diggle seem to have a great rapport.  In fact, if Diggle’s wife doesn’t make a surprise appearance, there might be trouble for him.  The two have great chemistry.  In addition to her vigilante activities, she’s back to being a police officer by day as well.  Although she has the metahuman power of a sonic scream, she’s not using it as often as she should while fighting.  Although she is reluctant to take on the “Black Canary” mantle, she does get the blessing from Oliver, Felicity, and even Quinten this week.  She’s ready to be the Black Canary.

The three villainesses are actually after Tobias Church’s (remember him) rainy day fund.  Somewhere in the city, there’s $100 million in cash hiding and if they can find it, it’s there’s for the keeping.  They eventually find it, but Team Arrow finds them and they all engage in a fierce battle.  The girls have their own soldiers, but the police show up, and they end up not arresting Oliver.

That doesn’t mean it’s all good for him, as his civilian live takes a c change.  Either from the police captain, or Susan (since she was burned by Oliver) leaked the details about the cover up of Billy Malone’s death coming from the mayor’s office, Oliver might be headed towards impeachment.  

Next week, Oliver has the political (and personal) fallout as he will face possible impeachment, but Vigilante is now hunting him for being “corrupt” in “"Fighting Fire with Fire.”