The Obamas Watched 'Monster Trucks' In The White House, And That's Awesome

I'd like to think you can tell a lot about a person by the movies they watch, but uh...let's hope that's not the case this time. One of the reasons I've been such a big fan of President Barack Obama is that he's a geek like I am, and that he's also a movie lover. Remember, his first date with Michelle ended with a showing of Do the Right Thing, and he's talked about film in the past. Well, THR has managed to get their mitts on some of the movie requests made from the White House during his Administration, and one is pretty surprising.

So while La La Land makes sense considering it's about to win a rack of Oscars tomorrow, the Obamas apparently requested Monster Trucks, too. Yeah, that hugely expensive (but not really awful) dud starring Lucas Till and an oily monster named Creech. It's a stupid film but maybe Obama was looking for a way to forget the turmoil he knew the country was about to be thrust in. And the cool part is the Obamas requested pretty much everything, including awards screeners of all the top movies. They are cinephiles just like the rest of us, and I have reason to think the entire family is that way. Malia Obama was at Sundance at the same Get Out screening I attended, perhaps because she's interning with Harvey Weinstein.

As for our current orange overlord, his requests have included Finding Dory and the dreadful James Franco comedy, Why Him?, which is a question the country has been forced to ask repeatedly over the last month. But something tells me he hasn't watched either of these. One thing we know about Trump is that everything he sees on TV he immediately tweets about then puts into policy. I haven't seen any "Save the Forgetful Ellen Fish" executive orders pass lately.  Can someone maybe get this guy a copy of Mr. Smith goes to Washington?