The Best Picture Nominees Get Their Own Honest Trailer!

This weekend Hollywood will take itself super seriously when the Oscars are handed out, because if there's one thing Hollywood is going to take seriously it's awarding themselves for something.  It should be a fun night regardless, because it promises to be politically charged show with lots of opportunities to swipe at Comrade Trump. You thought the Golden Globes got political? You haven't seen anything yet.

Fortunately, Screen Junkies are going to balance things out just a little bit by taking shots at all of the Best Picture nominees with a patented Honest Trailer.  And as you'd expect it's a doozy that boils down these (mostly) great movies to their silliest essence, with my favorite being the simplification of Hidden Figures down to "Diary of a Black Math Woman".  The shot at Mel Gibson screwing up his big comeback was pretty funny, too. And because they believe in being fair and balanced, they even give Trump a chance to get his licks in early. Kinda.