'The Batman' Needs A New Director As Matt Reeves Walks

Well, things were looking up for The Batman for about...a week? After Ben Affleck dropped out of directing the superhero film, Cloverfield's Matt Reeves stepped up and entered talks. It seemed like a strong, positive move for the project, but it's all for naught because THR says talks have broken down and Reeves is out.

Apparently, things between Reeves and the studio got pretty amped up, but they could return to the bargaining table when things have cooled down. Yeah, I wouldn't count on it. Warner Bros. still has every intention of making the film, although their other options; Ridley Scott and Don't Breathe director Fede Alvarez, aren't likely to want any part of it.

And remember, all of this is taking place under the cloud of Affleck possibly leaving The Batman altogether. What if he doesn't like the director they choose? Will that be the reason he walks?  I'm starting to feel like this movie may never happen, and at this point it might be the best possible idea.