'Stranger Things' Channels 'Ghostbusters' In First Look At Season Two

What were some of the things you loved in 1984? If you were a kid at that age then chances are you had a Ghostbusters backpack and a Slimer lunchbox. And clearly the kids of Stranger Things will be big fans during the hit show's second season based on this first image from their upcoming Super Bowl spot.

That's right, Netflix's biggest show ever is going to have an ad during the biggest (and most expensive) event of the year. Whoa. Yeah, that says a lot about the series' popularity that they would spring for something like that. The image shows the gang headed to school dressed as Ghostbusters, and I'd like to think it was Halloween or something but they are a bunch of little nerds so perhaps not. Nobody else is in costume. This might be an everyday thing. And it looks like Glen has just seen something...well, strange.

So look out for the Super Bowl spot in a couple of days. The series will hit Netflix later this year. [EW]