Stick Around For A 'Logan' Post-Credits Scene!

By now everyone has grown accustomed to waiting through the closing credits of pretty much every comic book movie. And I'll admit, I eagerly sat through our screening of Logan all the way until the final name had rolled. Part of the reason is because the movie was good I didn't want to leave, but also because I hoped there would be more. Even though James Mangold's film is such a departure it seemed unlikely there would be more, I held out hope. Well...there wasn't. At least not for us critics.

Over the last few days rumors have been going around that 20th Century Fox was adding a post-credits tag to Logan, and now Collider has confirmed it to be true. So don't leave after Logan....oops, don't want to spoil anything. Basically, stick around and watch everything. What's unclear is if the sequence happens mid-credits or after, but it's there and will only be available to those who buy a ticket. Another reason for me to see it twice.

I have a couple of thoughts on what the scene could be but they're based on how the movie ended, and I don't want to accidentally spoil anything.

Logan opens on March 3rd!