Steve McQueen's 'Widows' Adds 'Get Out' Star David Kaluuya

While Daniel Kaluuya did a lot to distinguish himself in Sicario, it will be this weekend's #1 horror-comedy Get Out that will be his introduction to most people. He makes quite an impression in the well-reviewed debut by Jordan Peele, and the offers are already flying in.  The next major project Kaluuya has taken on is Widows, the next film from 12 Years A Slave director, Steve McQueen.

Widows is an adaptation of a Brit TV series, which McQueen will direct and co-write with Gone Girl author, Gillian Flynn. Kaluuya joins Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Moonlight's Andre Holland, and Cynthia Ervio in the film about a group of widows who undertake the same dangerous heist that got their husbands killed.

Kaluuya is also part of that awesome Black Panther cast, proving that his taste is impeccable right now.