Richard Gere Needs A Big Score In New Trailer For 'Norman'

I'll tell you what; there better be some of the best reviews ever for Richard Gere's latest, because I doubt anybody is going to see anything titled Norman: The Moderate Rise And Tragic Fall Of A New York Fixer. Seriously, I fell asleep right in the middle of typing that. Fortunately, there's a new trailer and it still looks pretty good, mostly because of the tremendous cast.

Gere stars alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lior Ashkenazi, Hank Azaria, Steve Buscemi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Michael Sheen, and Dan Stevens in the story of a New York fixer trying to hustle his way into a big score at a diplomat's expense.  Gere has always been great as a slick wheeler 'n dealer, but I think that title is seriously going to hold this film down.

'Norman' hits theaters on April 14th.