Promo Reel for 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Premiere! Time to RISE UP!!

Who decided on this whole broken season format that everyone is following these days? I mean we get like two months of our favorite show then BOOM, mid-season finale, followed by two months off. I get it from a ratings standpoint, you get two premiers and two finale's but man does it suck for the viewer. In the world of binge-watching people know how sucked into a world you can become through continuous watching. Taking you away so long can't do anything but detach you from that world. 

My whining aside this first half of The Walking Dead season 7 was tough on us all. Opening with that unforgettable resolution to season 6's cliffhanger, losing two of the most loved survivors and learning all about Negan. But it didn't end there, nope we had another 7 episodes of suffering to get through. Watching stomach churning scene after scene of Negan's brutality. Personally, Tara's episode aside, I really dug the first half of the season and if this promo trailer is any indication I'm going to really love the second half. The time for suffering is over and the time to rise up has come. While the trailer is mostly looking back at what's happened peppered with cast interviews (why's it always so weird to hear their natural British accents) there are some good scenes from what's to come including Rick's plea to King Ezekial, who was surprisingly absent from every episode following his blockbuster debut. Check out the trailer below and make sure to stay up with our recaps of The Walking Dead when the show returns on February 12th!