Patrick Stewart Confirms 'Logan' Is His Final X-Men Movie

As Hugh Jackman has confirmed, waffled, and confirmed again that Logan would be his final X-Men movie, the same question has surrounded Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier. It was last summer that he first began suggesting his time as Professor X was coming to an end, and now he has confirmed it during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

“Last week we were at a screening in Berlin sitting next to each other and when it got to the very emotional ending and I noticed Hugh wipe away a tear, then I did the same and during the credits he held my hand and I was done, I was weeping and sobbing. While the credits were rolling I realized that if it was the end, there was no more perfect and beautiful way to say, ‘Au revoir, goodbye, adios.’ So I think it is the end for me too. Why would I want to have another go of it after what we have done in this movie?”

Without giving anything away, I think he's making the right call. Logan (my review here) is the perfect swansong for both Stewart and Jackman, and I hope they stick to their guns on this.  You can see them say their final goodbyes when Logan opens on March 3rd.