Oscar Isaac Is A Double Agent In 'The Garbo Network'; Elle Fanning Has 'Teen Spirit'

After Star Wars: The Force Awakens and X-Men: Apocalypse, Oscar Isaac has kept a pretty low profile. He has a few projects on the way, though, and now he's adding one more in WWII thriller, The Garbo Network. Penned by William Wheeler with no director attached yet, the film is based on real-life double agent Juan Pujol Garcia, a Spanish man who convinced the British and Germans to hire as a spy, although he was actually in allegiance to the U.K. He helped create an entire fictional network of spies that helped the British deceive Germany about the invasion of Normandy. Isaac's upcoming films include [THR]

Another day, another role for Elle Fanning. Now she's got Teen Spirit, the directorial debut of Max Minghella. She'll play a young girl in a small European town who has dreams of becoming a pop star. With the help of an unlikely mentor, those dreams are within reach. [ScreenDaily]