Official Trailer: 'Mine' Starring Armie Hammer

In the immortal words of Ron Burgandy, "Well that escalated quickly". What starts as a typical desert war movie quickly takes a sharp turn when Armie Hammer and his sniper teammate retreat into a minefield. His partner is quickly blown up and shortly after he himself hear's the distinct "Click" of an armed mine. In the spirit of Open Water and Buried a world of intense fear is brought about by the nothingness. Hammer's Mike Stevens has to hold off the wild, passersby, an intense sandstorm and his own will to live for the 52 hours it's going to take a convoy to reach him. Honestly, I'll take Jason Voorhees over this situation any day of the week. Hammer is someone that I've always liked and though he's hit some rough patches in his career he always seems to be a solid lead. If the trailer's any indication this will be a good chance for him to showcase his skills and likeability in a one-man show. As a side note I have nothing but good thoughts about this film since it was picked up by Well Go USA, those guys ALWAYS seem to put out great action movies, like a more classy modern day Canon films. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!