Official Trailer for 'Their Finest' starring Gemma Arterton and Sam Claflin

If there's one subject that has dominated the last 60 years of cinema it's the World War 2 film. Usually gritty, somber and violent. This is not that war movie. Their Finest stars Gemma Arterton (swoon), Sam Claflin and Bill Nighy and follows a British film crew as they try and make a propaganda film to get spirits up after the Blitzkreig. Strangely enough...or perhaps planned well enough, their film is about the rescue at Dunkirk a subject that Chris Nolan is currently covering in a big budget epic. The trailer seems light enough to contain a few laughs but heavy enough to bring some real feels and honestly it feels as though it could be quite inspiring. It's very British in that way, the Brits have an amazing way to insert that humor into even the most serious films. Check out the trailer below and look for Their Finest in theaters April 7th.