New 'Ghost In The Shell' Trailer Digs Into The Major's Past

What exactly does it mean to be a "ghost in the shell"? Basically, a ghost is the human spirit or essence that can be ported into various cybernetic bodies, or shells. So it's always been a strange "white-washing" argument against Ghost in the Shell for casting Scarlett Johansson as The Major, since she technically doesn't have a race that can be undermined. As that controversy has wound down the trailers  became more revealing, and the latest shows quite a bit that we haven't seen.

Not everybody is familiar with the manga by Mamoru Oshii or the anime it inspired, and this trailer offers up a little more of The Major's story. She's an elite cyborg warrior for Section 9, who are tasked with stopping technological and cybernetic terrorist threats. We learn about some of the mystery surrounding her past, get a glimpse of her relationship with partner Batou (Pilou Asbaek), and plenty of villain Kuze, played by Michael Pitt. Oh yeah, and Juliette Binoche is in this. Totally forgot about that and the reminder is appreciated.

The more I see, the more I'm blown away by the visuals. Rupert Sanders may have taken some heat for everything that happened during and after Snow White and the Huntsman, but he gave that pedestrian fairy tale a distinct look. Ghost in the Shell is better for having him as its director, I think. Look for it to hit theaters on March 31st.