Matthew McConaughey Is 'The Beach Bum' For Harmony Korine's Stoner Comedy

For what seems like forever we've been waiting to see what Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine would do next. He was all set to direct The Trap, which had an all-star cast of Idris Elba (who replaced Jamie Foxx), James Franco, Al Pacino, Benicio Del Toro, and Robert Pattinson. But behind the scenes issues killed that one, and Korine began working on something different, and now we know exactly what it is and who the A-list star will be.

Variety reports Matthew McConaughey will star in The Beach Bum, which Korine will write and direct. Described as a stoner comedy,  the story follows the hilarious misadventures of Moondog, a rebellious and lovable rogue who lives life large. Well, we already know McConaughey can play characters that love to live it up, so this could be a fun role. Plus after his string of recent flops it can't hurt to venture off the beaten path by working with Korine.

Shooting gets underway this July.