'Logan' Post-Credits Scene Isn't Happening, And That's A Good Thing

Just a couple of days ago we learned that 20th Century Fox and Logan director James Mangold had whipped up a post-credits scene for the film. It would have been available only theatrically and not to those who attended early screenings. Well now Collider, who broke the original story, have provided an update that says there won't be one. It has since been confirmed by other sources, including Mangold himself in a tweet.

The site does add that something "cool for the fans" may be made available, however it would be before the movie starts. Huh? Like, how long before the movie starts? Before we ever buy our ticket? Or immediately before?  I'm confused. Anyway, so that's where things stand now.

Honestly, I'm happy about this. The a-hole in me doesn't want you to get a post-credits scene because my screening didn't have one. So there. But mostly I'm happy because Logan does NOT need some sort of silly teaser at the end of it. Absolutely nothing good can come of it, and it would hurt the tone which is so different than any other comic book movie. I hope whatever they put before the movie doesn't hurt things, either. If it's some cheesy Deadpool opening sketch that would be a very bad idea.