Liam Neeson Will Plow Through Foes In Action Flick 'Hard Powder'

Liam Neeson's got a new movie. Yes, it's another corny-sounding action movie. What makes this one any different? Well, it sounds cornier than the rest because it's called Hard Powder. And it's about a guy with a snowplow. I feel like there must have been a laugh track at the pitch meeting for this or something.

Variety reports Neeson will star in the Rocky Mountains thriller in which he plays a snowplow driver in a Colorado ski town. When his son is murdered, he revs up his plow and starts seeking some cold revenge against the drug cartel kingpin who committed the crime.  There are also Native American maifa members and yuppie gangsters for Neeson to literally plow through.

This all sounds really dumb, but it's actually based on awesome Norwegian crime flick, In Order of Disappearance, which starred Stellan Skarsgard in one of last year's true surprise performances. That film's director, Hans Petter Moland, is actually at the helm of the remake so he at least knows how to play the tone, which can be a little out there.