Laurence Fishburne On Marvel Kicking DC's Ass

Laurence Fishburne's pretty old school. He's not going to blow smoke up your ass just to sell a few more tickets, and he has some thoughts on the problems DC Films has had over the last year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and the upcoming Justice League. Clearly, he's not worried that his role as Perry White is any jeopardy, because in a conversation with LA Times he admits that Marvel has been kicking DC's butt...

“We’ve been waiting 35 years for these [characters] to show up on the screen. What were they doing over there? Marvel has been kicking their ass. This is the comic-book geek in me, who has a collection of comic books. I’ve been waiting to see these people on-screen forever."

I even think he's being honest here as he says good things about Zack Snyder and that "Martha" moment in 'Batman v Superman' that was cheesy as Hell, and that's being generous...

“Look, I love what Zack Snyder does. Jesse Eisenberg, this little nebbishy guy, as Lex Luthor? For me, that’s a genius move. And the whole thing with Martha Kent and Martha Wayne? I don’t know, man, I must be sentimental but that’s some heartwarming [stuff] to me. So I don’t get [the criticism]."

Well, maybe it was sentimental to some folks, but I bet you won't see anything like that cornball stuff again! Fishburne can be seen right now in John Wick: Chapter 2, and will appear in Justice League on November 17th.