Lars Von Trier Begins Teasing 'The House That Jack Built'

If you like nothing else about Lars von Trier at least appreciate his gift for marketing. He always finds a unique way to drum up interest in his movies, usually by highlighting their most provocative aspects. A good example would be the poetic clips for Nymphomaniac that he dropped monthly like clockwork. And now for his serial killer film, The House that Jack Built, he's hoping to attract the attention of cinephiles.

Von Trier has debuted this first image along with these words to Variety, “On the occasion of the shooting of ‘The House That Jack Built,’ I have made an evocative photo with a cinematic reference."

If you're curious what that cinematic reference might be, it's 1932's Vampyr, directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer. Here's the image von Trier was clearly inspired by...

The House that Jack Built stars Matt Dillon and Bruno Ganz, centering on the 12-year odyssey of a hyper-intelligent serial killer as he tries to elude capture while making his "masterpiece". Expect it to be ready for next year's festival circuit, and expect more tantalizing teases.