Kristen Stewart Buys Clothes, Chases Ghosts In Trailer For 'Personal Shopper'

Kristen Stewart remains one of the most divisive actresses working today, and her movies equally polarizing. Case in point is Personal Shopper, her latest collaboration with Clouds of Sils Maria director, Olivier Assayas. The film earned him Best Director at Cannes and certainly has its share of supporters, while others find the fashion world ghost story tough to figure out.

Stewart stars as a personal shopper for high-class clientele, but she also doubles as a spiritual medium. Yep.  The film is about her attempts to connect with her twin brother, who recently passed away. Even without knowing much it's clear this movie already has a few things going for it. One, we get to watch Kristen Stewart galvanting through Paris. Two, we get to see her try on really amazing clothes. And three, we get to see her character go through the stages of grief while enduring a few scares from the paranormal realm.

It all amounts to a movie I'm dying to see even if others are less curious.  Personal Shopper opens March 10th.