Julius Avery To Direct Bad Robot's Supernatural D-Day Film, 'Overlord'

At this point I expect every one of Bad Robot's movies to be a secret part of its Cloverfield series, and my antennae is definitely up about this latest one. Julius Avery, who last directed the forgettable crime drama Son of a Gun, has been set to direct Overlord, which on paper doesn't sound like it should have anything to do with Cloverfield. Why? Because there are Nazi zombies and stuff...and it's set during WWII.

The film has been in the works for years, based on an idea by Captain Phillips and The Hunger Games writer Billy Ray. Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) came in to do a script polish on the story of two paratroopers who fall behind enemy lines during D-Day and discover that a secret Nazi experiment has given rise to a different supernatural evil, such as Nazi zombies. Kind of sounds like Dead Snow, which could be fun if done right.

Meetings with actors to play the paratroopers are already taking place so it may not be long before there's an announcement. How this could fit into Cloverfield is anybody's guess, but if it somehow gives us a return of John Goodman's character from 10 Cloverfield Lane then I'm all in. [Variety]