Joey King Has A Death Wish In New Trailer For 'Wish Upon'

Despite John R. Leonetti's (Annabelle) new horror Wish Upon looking like a contemporary version of Wishmaster, something tells me the biggest takeaway for most people will be the presence of Shannon Purser, aka Barb from Stranger Things. Whatever gets eyeballs on the film and butts in the seats, right?

Starring Joey King, the film centers on a bullied high school girl who discovers a magical music box that will grant her every wish. What's that they say about being careful what you wish for? Come on, we know this is all going to turn out terribly for her, right? Of course it is, and each wish comes with a deadly price to pay. Ryan Phillippe plays her father, who has become a hoarder after his wife's suicide twelve years earlier.  Sherilyn Fenn, Ki Hong Lee, Sydney Park, and Elisabeth Rohm co-star.

Wish Upon opens June 30th.