Joe Manganiello And Marley Shelton Join 'Rampage' Cast, Mike Myers Is Del Close

Since we have no idea when/if Joe Manganiello will get to shoot his role as Deathstroke in The Batman, it's good to see he's keeping busy with other blockbuster projects. The Magic Mike star is joining Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris in video game adaptation, Rampage. Also boarding the film is one of my personal favorite actresses, Marley Shelton, best known for Sugar & Spice, Scream 4, and more.  Manganiello will play the leader of a private military group while Shelton is a scientist, and presumably both will be trying to stop the giant ape, lizard, and wolf destroying the city. Rampage opens next year on April 20th. [THR]

We don't see much of Mike Myers anymore, but there was no way he could avoid being in this movie. He'll star in Del, a biopic on the life of his mentor, the legendary comedy guru Del Close. Myers will play Close as he takes an aspiring comedian under his wing, and while their relationship starts off disastrously, ultimate it will change both of their lives. Betty Thomas (Private Parts) will direct, and there are a ton of comedy heavyweights behind this one, which isn't surprising given Close's ties to Second City and SNL.