International Translations Reveal 'The Last Jedi' To Be Plural

Ahh, our lovely English language that we feel is just so superior yet can leave us with such ambiguity that we have to wait for things to be translated to discern their real meaning. Almost instantly after the proper name for Episode 8 was revealed people started asking "What does it mean? Who's the last Jedi? Is it more then one?" I had a very specific take that I thought the syntax leaned toward it meaning just one, Luke. Couple that with the crawl from Episode 7 specifically stating "Luke Skywalker, The last Jedi" and I was fairly positive I was right, even going so far as to argue the point with my wife. An argument that I know have to roll back on and eat my words. As the title cards from our international friends started rolling out it has become apparent that the indication is for multiple jedi. Here's the title card in Spanish.

For those of you that slept through freshman Spanish the key part here is the Los, denoting plurality. Had it been one it would read "La Ultima Jedi" which we could then take to mean Rey is the last Jedi. This format is copied in all of the foreign, latin-based languages.

It really is amazing the cultural fervor that Star Wars still generates isn't it? Herds of people online are digging up those linguistic skills to decipher this mystery like a modern day Da Vinci code. It shouldn't be long now before we get our first teaser trailer but until then expect plenty of little tidbits like this to eat up your day as we all wait with baited breath for the first look at our 8th (technically 9th) trip to a Galaxy Far, Far, Away.