Honest Trailers: Batman Begins

Credit where credit is due, Screen Junkies has done something amazing with their Honest Trailers series, their new outing, Screen Junkies Plus, actually seems to have quite a bit of great content including a show hosted by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob). This may just change the model of internet video if it succeeds, but were not here to talk blog business. Were here because they have just relased a new entry in their Honest Videos covering Batman Begins, my favorite film in the Nolan trilogy (not a popular opinion but it can be argued that Begins was the only actual Batman movie, with the other two being showcases for the villain). I have so much respect for the simple but genius humor these guys put into each video, it's the little things like introducing Katie Holmes' character as "Rachel Daweson's Creek" that really had me giggling. Check it out below!