'Halloween' Remake On The Way From David Gordon Green And Danny McBride

Well, just after I lamented over Hollywood's constant need to reboot long-dead horror franchises, they go ahead and do something that perks up my interest. John Carpenter himself has taken to Facebook and announced David Gordon Green will direct a remake of his 1978 slasher classic, Halloween.

That's only part of the interesting news, though. Green will be co-writing the script with Danny McBride, a longtime friend and his collaborator on Eastbound & Down, Vice Principles, and Your Highness. Carpenter remains involved as exec-producer and will have input on the creative direction, so his voice will be key in how Michael Myers is brought into a modern context.

So color me intrigued. This one's not that far away, either, as Halloween already has an October 19th 2018 release date.