Guillermo Del Toro Slams The Door On 'Hellboy 3'

Every few months or so someone, usually Ron Perlman, will start stirring things up about Hellboy 3. He'll get asked about it at a convention or during an interview for something else, express his desire to hook up with Guillermo Del Toro for a third adaptation of the Mike Mignola comic, and fans run with it. But there was always more chatter about the movie happening than any chance of it actually happening, and today Del Toro has put an end to it once and for all...

That's disappointing but not really surprising, is it? Both movies did well but neither was huge, and it's doubtful the audience has grown since 2008. Plus they'd have to get approval from Universal and others, along with a good chunk of cash, and none of it really seemed possible.

If Del Toro is saying it's not happening, it's not happening, because he wanted it to happen more than anybody.