First Look: The Jaegers of 'Pacific Rim: Uprising'

It's been four years since we were first introduced to the Jaeger program on the big screen. Pacific Rim delivered everything it promised and then some, including the year's best line, "We are CANCELING THE APOCALYPSE!!", yet somehow the film barely managed to break $100 million at the domestic box office. Thankfully someone saw through the dollar signs and greenlit the sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, starring Scott Eastwood and John Boyega. Let's be real, they may be the above the line talent on the film but the real stars are the 40 story mechanical marvel, Kaiju killin', Jaeger's. The first film did a great job of bringing a wide variance of Jaegar's representing each of their respective regions with distinction. 


Today we get the first look at the new Jaegar's from the upcoming sequel and...well, honestly I couldn't be more underwhelmed. I'm probably in the minority on this, I'm sure all of you anime and manga fans out the can appreciate this EVA look more than I. It's concept art, or at least appears to be, so the look can change but they look like too much like underweight Transformers to me. I'm sure when we see them in all of their CGI glory it will be a much different experience. We'll have to wait though, Pacific Rim: Uprising isn't due in theaters until February 23rd, 2018